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17 Jun 2020

Introducing Expose – an easy to use tunneling service implemented in pure PHP

Expose is a PHP package that you can use to share your locally accessible websites with a publicly accessible web-server.

09 May 2020

Why Sponsorware is not the answer to monetize open source

Sponsorware is a new concept to make money by working on free open-source software. This article explains why it doesn't work for most developers.

03 Apr 2020

Carbon for your desktop

I'm a huge fan of Carbon - an open-source project and website that lets you easily create and download great looking code snippets.

06 Mar 2020

Consuming HTTP APIs with Laravel 7 and Tinkerwell

Let's take a look at how you can make use of Tinkerwell and Laravel 7 to consume HTTP APIs easily. As an example, we are going to use the Laravel Forge API.

20 Feb 2020

Interactive debugging with Tinkerwell

Since Tinkerwell 2.2, it is possible to interactivly debug your Laravel apps. You can think of it as a `dd` helper with super powers.

05 Feb 2020

Dispatching Laravel Jobs without reloading

One of my most common use-cases is dispatching Laravel jobs with Tinkerwell while I develop the job itself.

03 Feb 2020

Laravel Server Timing

I just tagged version 1.0.0 of my latest package, called laravel-server-timing. The package provides a light-weight approach to adding Server Timing headers to your application.

03 Feb 2020

Build a network before you start freelancing

Getting clients is hard, but it is much harder if you have no referrals and don't know anyone who has the power to hire you. So, how do you build it?

28 Jan 2020

How to write a custom Tinkerwell driver

How to write a custom Tinkerwell driver and use Tinkerwell on any PHP project.

03 Dec 2019

Tinker with your database

Use Tinkerwell to query your database via Eloquent in an elegant way and stop writing complicated SQL queries.