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Subdomain Generator

When a user does not explicitly specify a custom subdomain, the expose server takes care of generating a random unique subdomain.

The default generator looks like this:

use Illuminate\Support\Str;
use App\Contracts\SubdomainGenerator;

class RandomSubdomainGenerator implements SubdomainGenerator
    public function generateSubdomain(): string
        return strtolower(Str::random(10));

It simply generates a random lowercase string.

You can create your own custom subdomain generator class, by implementing the SubdomainGenerator interface.

Next you need to specify your custom subdomain generator in your expose configuration file:

| Subdomain Generator
| This is the subdomain generator that will be used, when no specific
| subdomain was provided. The default implementation simply generates
| a random string for you. Feel free to change this.
'subdomain_generator' => \App\Server\SubdomainGenerator\RandomSubdomainGenerator::class,

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