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Expose is the open-source ngrok alternative for PHP developers

It is a beautiful open-source tunnel application that allows you to share your local websites with others over the internet. You can run Expose on your own infrastructure or use our provided server to share your development environments for free.

Laravel Playground


Try out Laravel in your browser

Laravel Playground is a free services that allows you to run Laravel and PHP code online, right from your browser. You can load GitHub gists, or save your own code snippets and even embed them responsively in your own websites or blog posts.



Easily inspect incoming HTTP Requests

HTTP Dump is a free service that allows you to generate a unique URL to send requests to. These requests can then be inspected and tested. This is the easiest way to quickly check out and debug webhook payloads.



Social images for Open Source packages

You put all your work into creating an awesome Open Source package - now it's time to make it shine! Banners is a free generator to create beautiful looking social images for your packages.